Quality of Audio After Importing In Imovie

gerard karelse

I am struggling to get a good audio quality. After importing from a DV camcorder (Canon XM1) or from my JVC DV deck there is something like a digital hickup in the sound. I cannot get rid of it, although I changed both in the Canon and in the JVC to 16 bits audio (my first guess about the origin of the problem) Not all my footage is handicaped this way, most stuff is allright. In this particular case I made a copy on my deck from a Video DVD (no copy rights) to import 3 minutes in my iMovie project. I work with iMovie 5, Tiger on a new Powerbook G4.

I am certainly not an expert but also not a beginner as far as audio/video is concerned and Mac (studied the missing manual about iMovie and iDVD).
I don't want to consider for the time being to import(ripp) the Video TS files directly and convert them into iMovie format if you understand my English.

looking forward to get your response, Gerard Karelse, the Netherlands.