quark 6 in tiger: useless?


first time poster - did a lot of google and was able to find out others have this problem but no fix in sight...

maybe you guys can help?

after first installing quark on tiger it was running smoothly, but for a few days now keeps crashing EVERY time i switch to another application (including finder or dashboard) - crashing means freezing with the ball spinning until the finder will report a "not responding" error.

i have tried versions 6.0, 6.1 and 6.5 but none of them is any different - only staying in quark will pretend things are normal

this is really not an option if you wanna get something real accomplished, especially updating placed picture files etc...

any suggestions are highly appreciated!

thanks! alexander

ibook g4 / tiger 10.4.2 / 1.2 ghz / 768 ram
I also had a lot of freezes & crashes in Quark 6 when I first installed Tiger, but they occur much less frequently now. I don't remember doing anything in particular to sort out the problem, except repairing permissions occasionally. Nowadays I rarely get any crashes.
I'm having this problem as well. Very frustrating. We're thinking of changing to inDesign, too. What do you think of the software?
i can only recommend to switch to indesign - i did myself after adobe cs was out - and switching was easy, i am glad i did

initially, i did not expected it to be too easy, especially since i was an ultra fast quark user back from version 2 or 3 - although i never really liked it: quark seem always to miss just the final feature, had too many workarounds, crashes, ...

the trick that made me try: indesign's option to work with quark's keyboard shortcuts...
a week later i was working in indesign like i had been doing it for a long time

today, i only use quark if my customer demands quark documents. (converting documents inbetween quark and indesign is not functioning with my designs)

i find the environment easy to handle for photoshop users, there are some timesavers and nice features and some that quark was missing for too long. although it does happen that i miss things that i maybe got used to from quark...

after all, indesign is saving me a lot of effort. pdfs are reliable and actually working - in less time. font related crashes are a thing of the past. indesign gives much more control, updates frequently and is much cheaper (buying the cs collection), too.

finally, switching will depend on what exactly you want to achieve. but i haven't missed quark for a single time so far - sorry
regarding original problem

here's my workaround:

create new user account in tiger - don't install any extras with that user, no fancy preferencing, keep it 'clear' - work in quark and inbetween other applications as normal - go back to your main account for anything else - cheers