Quark, Classic Apps


I have spent part of a day installing Mac OS Classic apps into the Classic environment within OS X. All of the Adobe apps I've tried have installed and loaded correctly. That includes Illustrator 8, Photoshop 5.0 and Acrobat 4.0.

I have also installed MS Office 98, using the drag-and-drop method (dragged to the Applications folder within the Mac OS 9 folder on my hard drive). Excel and PowerPoint launched correctly, but Word would not, until I ran the Office 98 patch that corrects multiple problems. Once that was installed, Office went through its First Run procedure, and all apps opened correctly.

Quark XPress, on the other hand, was not so friendly. .It would not install from within the Classic environment, claiming it could not run the installer while other applications were running. No other apps were running within the Classic Environment, and only Classic, Desktop and Clock were running in OS X. As a result, I was forced to boot down into OS 9 and install Xpress 4.04, and then the 4.1 updater.

Once installed, I rebooted to OS X, and launched XPress, Photoshop and Illustrator. I also had the Desktop window open. Photoshop and Illustrator played nice with the Classic environment and OS X, but XPress did not like having the OS X Desktop window open, and the Classic/QuickDraw manager conflicted with the OS X Quartz manager to the degree that I could not have the OS X Desktop window open in front of Quark and be able to manipulate the Desktop window. On closer inspection, I realized that QUARK was the foreground application, but the Desktop window appeared in the Quark document window as though it were a placed graphic. The guidelines for the page ran over the Desktop window, and the upper-left control buttons did not work until I clicked on the Desktop icon in the Dock to make it the foreground application.

Any thoughts? Does XPress futz around with the QuickDraw manager in a way it shouldn't? And why would it conflict with Quartz?