Querying my network

Rick Stirling

This weekend I did a tidy up, and removed a lot of redundant equipment. This led me to change my network a little bit.

My network is working fine, but I want some information about it. I set up my wireless access points using my PC, which I no longer have. They work, but there is no mac software for them, so I can't change any settings.

Here is the problem - I want to know the IP addresses of both of my wireless access points.

I now have a Netgear wireless access point plugged into my ADSL modem (I'd like a wireless modem/router combo, perhaps later...).

My mac, my PSP and my Xbox (via a second WAP) all connect wirelessly to this WAP with no problems.

However, I can't figure out how to get the IP addresses of the WAPs. I remember manually setting them several months ago.

So, any ideas? ifconfig just gives me the address of the mac (, and gives the router as the modems ip address (


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Netgear's APs have a webbased interface, I guess? If the router _really_ is, the router's probably number 2 ( But you could also use the Terminal.app to see what's around. For example, enter the following command without quotes and hit return after it. After a while, hit ctrl-c (NOT THE APPLE KEY!) to stop the ping command: "ping" ... This should give you a result. If the IP _answers_ there's something there. Do the same for number 3, 4 etc. (not for the ones you already know exist, like your Macs...).

Rick Stirling

I know its not a sequentional number, becasue I hand set them a several months ago - thats why trying to ping every number would take me far too long.

There is no web interface that I know of - the PC software for both Access points had a USB version where I could plug in the AP to configure it, then after configured an SNMP?? interface that allowed remote connection.

Rick Stirling

Still no joy on the mac front, with netstat or traceroute.

I borrowed a laptop and plugged my WAP into that and used the USB software to find its ip (, with gateway set to .1.20 for some reason).

Now to get my DS to connect....

I'd still like to know if it is possible to sniff everything on my WLAN