Question about Cubase SX?


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First off, if you dont have it I strongly recommend getting it, it is incredible. I have a question, If I dont have a Midi keyboard or device, is it possible to record music simply using my computers keyboard and mouse as a midi device? If so how do I go about doing this?


You can program midi without a keyboard. If you've done any drum programming then you've done it already. If you create a new block of notes (can't think how else to describe it!) in a new midi channel you can edit the notes on a map with a pencil tool. Some soft synths also have a little keyboard at the bottom of their window. I'm also pretty sure you can use your mac's keyboard to trigger notes but I'm not sure how. Try doing a search on google or some music forums (,, or there might even be something in the SX help. Hope that's useful.


the program is called midikeys

allows you to use your keyboard as a midi keyboard..