Question choosing monitor


I need some help from you guys. I'm looking for a new monitor for my G5; the thing is that I can't afford right now the Apple monitors that start from $800 for the 20", wich would be the best choice. I have to conform with a 19" monitor at best; so, I narrowed it down to 3 options:
The SONY SDM-X93 19" LCD Monitor = $517
The SONY SDM-S95AS Gray 19" = $400
The SONY SDM-S95DB Black 19" = $430

They kinda have all the same characteristics and compared to the Apple monitors result even better in contrast ratio, etc... The SONY SDM-X93 19" LCD and the SONY SDM-S95DB Black 19" have both analog and DVI input, the SONY SDM-S95AS Gray 19" has only a analog one, and so on - there are slight differences between them, probably this one's the most notable.
As I didn't find any reviews about them, and specially for MAC, was wondering if you could help me choose wisely - have you tryied some of them with a Mac? How is the graphics desplay? Is the DVI connection important for the desplay?..etc... As much info as you can give me. Or if you have any other suggestions.. I know that the best way to pick one is to actually see with my own eyes, but the slight problem is that I live in México and there isn't much to choose from here. A friend is going to New York next week and he can bring it for me...
Thanks in advance, J.
i would save for longer. the extra $200 is so, so, so, so worth it. it really is. it's the best panel i have ever seen - a completely non-existant viewing angle issue, perfect contrast, very crisp, HUGE desktop space compared to 19"-ers (1680x1050 compared to an enlarged 1280x1024), and very very beautiful. the monitor is the pretty face, the thing you look at every day. if you need a monitor right now then just get the cheapest one you can for now, until you can afford apples 20".

seriously, it is worth it.