QUESTION: './configure'ing for G4 DP


Hi all,
i've changed my home server.
Previously I had a single G4 (PowerPC 7400) PowerMac.
Now I have a Gual G4 (PowerPC 7450).
As wiritten in the Apple Developers site i had used the
--CFLAGS="mcpu=7450 -fast" in the configure script of many packages.
(This should optimize built code for the max velocity for the G4 processor)

Now i'm rebiulding my demons, services and packages.
Are there particular options i've to use for building for G4DP.
I'd like to be shure all is optimized.

Thanks a million in advance
(i'm not a programmer!)


The optimizations don't really do much. At best in some programs you'll see a 10% speed improvement. Usually, you don't get anything noticeable.

Those flags you have set are the best flags, since -fast is a Apple only GCC flag that chooses the best performing CFLAGS for your CPU.