Question for users in India


My brother and his wife are headed to India (Bangalor) in September. To help them stay in touch with their kids and grandkids I am setting up two new Macs with iSight cameras with iChat. The iBook will be going with them and the Mac Mini will be staying home (USA).

The question is this, is there any potential problems I need to account for? I assume the connection will work between them but I want to make sure. Also, will they need to take a different power supply for the iBook or will it be best to buy one there?

Any other suggestions will be welcome.

Thanks in advance.
Sorry not living in india but did a bit of web search for you :

voltage : India 240 V 50 Hz info found here :
so yes you need a different power supply, have to make sure that the iBook can take it though, try the search feature of the forum sure you'll find some answer on this.

as for the connection : try google "isp+bangalore" you might very well find some infos as I can't think of using iChat without DSL but I believe you should find and ISP to solve this in a country with more than 18.5 mio users, source :

hope this helps a little
Thanks for the responses.

They will have good internet access so that will not be a problem. I set up AIM accounts to use with iChat and am fairly sure there will not be a problem there. I'm just trying to cover all the bases so they just need to turn the iBook on and everything works.
Uh oh...

Does that mean it has officially begun?

Are the Indians now importing out of work US people to work THERE?

Should I Monster Banglor?

(No ofense or attempt to start a big discussion... Just trying to be funny... from the perspective of a guy who got laid off recently.)

Their reason for going is very non-tech related. Which is why I need to get the computer working for them. Their computer skills are ~0.
hang in there been dumped 3 1/2 years ago and still not active :eek:

About outsourcing read recently that MBA guys being sent to india
just google : mba+outsourcing+india
you might be surprised about the result

Not sure it's all bad might means opportunities aswell

Keep your heads up and think positive is better than the opposite :)