Question on building an app using ProjectBuilder..


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I only know VB/RB coding and their respetive IDE's. Where would be a resource to decent resource that could help someone start building software using ProjectBuilder?

It's not the language, syntax and soforth for me, I just wish projectBuilder had something like RB does... a help reference with example sniplets and soforth. Those things are what got me started quick. When I open ProjectBuilder, it's just an advanced text editor and I need to know from the top of my head what in the heck to type into a blank .h or .c file ;)

At anyrate, I'm stuck in a situation where I need to use ProjectBuilder because RB can not see the serial ports off a USB>Serial adaptor. The information with the adaptor tells what POSIX API calls to use to access the ports. I need to write something that has no window just a console.out window of sorts that displays actions ("print") read and write to the serial ports and take that information and insert new records into a mySQL database... A large task to start with I fear... but I have to get it done....
I can do it in REALBasic quick if it could only see the ports :(

Any sugestions or links to help someone get started with such is very much enjoyed!

Accept for the API's available on Apple's site, there's not a whole lot of documentation or code snippets, but you ought to take a look at the few tutorials that are available on the Developers CD.

Otherwise it's been all about experimentation for me.