Questions About Icloud



1) Checked my iCloud and Apple account settings and discovered that when I enter iCloud from my Mac, there are no files (and I have not uploaded any either), but when checking iCloud from, it says there is 10.5 MB documents. So is this some sort of filler that means nothing? Not some of my files somehow ending there?

At first when I had no idea what iCloud was, I may have uploaded one calendar that had one day changed in it. Could this still sit there? And when I enter iCloud from Mac, there is nothing, saying it is completely empty.

I also can't access whatever it is when logging into - is it normal I can't see files in icloud when logging into the website? Or is it sign they are not real files?

2) If I have all boxes unchecked/empty in iCloud menu (example with checked boxes) is it disabled?

By menu I mean this:

3) If all boxes are empty and I have also signed out from iCloud in my Mac, it is disabled, correct?

But what if I log back in to menu in Mac - if boxes are still empty, will iCloud still be disabled or will it automatically start uploading files to web server?

My worry is, if I don't want to use iCloud and have signed out, but want to go and check something, will it be disabled or will my files still end up in web server? Or can I go and open iCloud menu without it going to grab my files I do not want to be uploaded?
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