Questions about X partitioning



I was wondering about installing OSX on my PowerBook (last G3 model, aka Firewire and/or Pismo)

Its the 500Mhz G3 model, with 256 megs of RAM and a 12 gig hard disk. I currently use OS9.1 and have used about 3 gigs of HDD space (leaving 9gig left) I heard performance is adaquate with this calibur of mac, is this true? I would think so since the new ibooks are shipping with it...

I deffinetly want to do a partition for OSX so that I can simply boot into OS9.1 (not classic) if I would choose to do so. My quesion is: how big a partition would be best do you think? Also, how do you make partitions (ive never done this before..) And do the two OS' see the others partition (ex, Im in OSX, can I see the HDD partition with OS9.1?)

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I would like to see the future of the Mac with X, but I need to keep ties with the past (9.1)
sorry about the double post but I forgot another question:

Should I update the firmware setting on the powerbook before the install? I heard that OSX doesnt like outdated firmware settings!

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To partition your hard drive, you have to erase everything. Unless there is something similar to PartitionMagic for Macs?? You can backup your current OS9 installation, then reinstall everything if you like. To create your partitions, boot off the OS9 install CD (insert CD, reboot holding down 'c' until it starts up). Goto utilities/disk management (or something similar). initialize the partitions you want, format and your set.

i don't know about the firmware updates. Your computer should be more than adequate to run X!!

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Of course you know you can boot into 9 or X even on one partition, right? You can't use the Option-key-at-startup though--you have to use the Startup Disk control panel.

I just took the plunge and installed X on my old 1998 PowerBook G3 as I had to go on a business trip last week and didn't want to be away from my new favorite OS:)

There is a noticeable difference in speed between the PB and my 733 but it is definitely useable. So, your PB should be fine. As my HDD is not the biggest on the PB, I have X and 9.1 on the same partition - something I'd advise against. In order to partition your drive, you'll need to use drive setup on your install CD and set it up the way you want before installing. Once in drive setup, it's pretty straighforward to partition the drive but if you need in-depth help, email me.

While you're partitioning, I'd also suggest setting up a separate swap partition to give you a reported (I haven't tried it but logic dictates this will help) speed boost. Details at

If you do this, I would be interested in your results/experience. I'm deciding if it'd be worth the hassle to backup everything and do it...

Wow, never know the reason why the Option key wouldn't work on my PB. Thanks. I thought it was just an odd quirk with the PowerBook:rolleyes:

Is this also why the 'X' key will not work on the PB as well? I had seen it reported that holding down the 'X' key will boot you into OS X, but this does not work on the PowerBook either - actually haven't tried it on my 733.