Questions for anyone with release later than 1H39


Colonel Panic
First of all, from what I have read, and from my own experience, it was basically a waste of time for Apple to include the Software Update program with the initial release of OSX/PB, because I have a cable modem and have yet to receive a SINGLE update, though it's clear from various threads on this site that updates have been abundant.

Anyway, I want to ask if any of the following annoying bugs and omissions in 1H39 have been fixed:

1- Support for extra ATA cards!! I have added a Sonnet ATA66 card and Maxtor DiamondMax + drive, and OSX has no idea they even exist. Totally unacceptable.

2- Some way to import OE address books into the OSX Address book.

3- Support for non-Apple networked laser printers -- that is, support for 3rd-party PDD files.

4- Finder drag-n-drop copy bug. (If you have 2 open finder windows, both in Icon mode, and you lasso several icons in one & drag to the other, they will all be piled on top of each other in the destination window.)

5- Improved performance when manually resizing windows.

Any insight into any of these? Thanks.

Updates have NOT been abundant for the average PB purchaser. In fact, there have been NO updates for the PB via SOFTWARE UPDATE. The only other FOR PURCHASE PB pressing (2E14) was for international sales. Your build (1H39) was for US SALES ONLY. The OTHER builds you're seeing mentioned here are either APPLE INTERNAL, ADC or BETA SEEDING Builds, which you, as a non ADC or Beta Seeding Site, would NEVER (Theoretically) have access to.
Well, that explains the lack of updates. Or really, it doesn't so much EXPLAIN it, as make me feel less singled out...

Well, whether or not anyone here actually HAS the later release, can anyone answer any of my questions? Does anyone know if any of these problems is fixed in the Final?
I have later builds, but since I'm an ADC and BETA SEEDING SITE, and under a non-disclosure agreement, there's not much I can say other than:

1) Hardware support is the responsibility of the vendor. Talk to Maxtor...

2) There already is.

3) Again, talk to the Hardware vendor. It's not Apple's responsibility.

4) Fixed.

5) Don't have any idea WHAT you're talking about here. If you've got a slow processor, guess what...
Well, 2 more cents then:

1 - I'm Running OS9.1 off my Sonnet/Maxtor combo right now - so the hardware support is there. I'm just hoping there's nothing spiteful happening at Apple: "Those darn users are putting 3rd party hardware into our Macs, and we're accidentally supporting them with OS9! We'll skunk em good with OSX...."

2 - If there "already is", then it's not part of your NDA, is it? Cough it up, dude!

3 - Again, supported under OS9, not OSX. There's a folder in OSX for PPDs, but (A) OSX won't let me put new files there and (B) I can find no way in OSX to select the desired PPD.

4 - Glad to hear it.

5 - Processor snob, eh? Basic question is, are resizes noticeably peppier in later releases. Of course, your NDA probably prevents you from revealing that...