I would like to know how can I set my Mac OSX 10.3.9 to keep one window open and functioning in a small format (8 cm2) " flotting" in a corner of the screen but present and "visible" at all time during normal operation of daily tasks

Also I have on my Mac OS X 512MG RAM installed Virtual PC (7.0) with WinXP which seem to require 256MG RAM (which is a lot) and WIN2000 which requires much less but will not open many programs..

What is the best setting and RAM/sharing to have a well balanced system and efficient Mac operations..

Thak you for your assistance

Regards, Frank
Can't help you with the persistent window but for optimum performance with VPC 7 you need to allocate the full 512 MBs that is allowed in the VPC settings. Of course that means you will need more RAM in your Mac, I would say at least 768 MB total but a full GigaByte or more would be better.