Quick Effective Relief-Enabling Root


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I am unable to login to my compuer as root. Cant figure out why.I goto Netinfo managr and click the lock and enable Root then logout. Automatic login is not enabled and when I try to log back in I am not given the option to login as Root.
Heres what Im trying to do- I need to modify the httpd.conf file for the Apace Server so it will process SSI on my server. I get to the file through the Terminal and modify it but then cannot save it because it is a read only file unless im logged in as Root. Please someone help!
I'm a bit confused about what's happening to yours, but in the terminal, you can type:

sudo -s

then type your password. This gets you a root shell.
use the passewd command to change the password once you log in. Don't know why netinfo didn't do it for ya.
I feel like such a dillhole!
I forgot that in the login prferneces I had to unselect the option for choosing users from a list...
I stress... DILLHOLE!
All is well. and my SSI is now working. Thanks.