Quick question about removing folders via mac SSH terminal


So I have a huge amount of inodes, and I need to delete some folders that are quite huge and my FTP programs fail to delete the folder and it's contents. So I am trying to do it via SSH from macs terminal

I am signed in to my server, however I am not sure how to remove the folder. I tried this command rm -rf foldername/ of course I changed the folder name to the proper name. But when I hit enter after entering that command, all it did was in the terminal was drop down another line like it didn't work and it's ready for another command or something. I didn't get an error message, as soon as I hit enter with that remove command this appeared on a new line servername@hermes [~]#

I'm not sure what to do, or what proper command to type to remove it. Any assistance on commands for mac terminal that would be greatly appreciated.

rm -rf foldername/ should have done what you needed.

Was the foldername you wanted to remove still present after?
Capitolization and any possible spaces or special characters correctly (escaped)?

If it still happens with other folders, I wonder would moving to the folder and then deleting all the files from within it work as an alternative?
rm -rf * (make sure you ARE in the correct folder)