Quick question to all y'all L333t comp duderinos.


I was just wondering why you all use Mac OS X, seeing its a ridiculously bad Unix based (ha!) OS, when you can just cut the bullshit and use Unix. die all you mac girlie-men.
...to see you have taken time out to appreciate one of the many great mac sites -- you people just can't resist them can ya! :D :D
...that he's going to be a wanker from the 'hey look at me I can use numbers instead of letters' in the thread title, cantcha?
Just let him have Windows when it goes BSOD...for the 985,380th time. My bet is that he has never used OS X. What he should do is find an Apple store near him and see for himself how stable it is.

Oh, and it is essentially FreeBSD with Aqua and Quartz on top. 10.1 should snuff any valid criticism he has of OS X.
allright YEA i have used mac os X and YEA i do have a windows 98 box goin for gaming purposes.. however i've been using UNIX, LINUX, IRIX, etc.. for 10+ years now and i can assure you i'm only trying to find out why the hell someone would want to use an OS based around the idea of being .. uh.. "pretty". video/audio editing is the only halfway descent excuse.. and even then not a good one. switch to a real system and then come talk to me.
however i've been using UNIX, LINUX, IRIX, etc.. for 10+ years now

Then you should already know why someone would want to use a GUI on the above mentioned OSes.

I don't use it 'cause its pretty. And by the way, you came to talk to us, not the other way around. So when you switch, take your own advice.
lol there should be a sign not to feed the trolls :p

10 years of experience lol sure and I am Geroge W Bush :p


Public Service Announcement: Trolls bite, please keep hands tucked in and dont feed em :p
I don't use it cos it's pretty. I use it because Mac OSs are the most intuitive of any, the same reason I've always used Mac and always hated Windows. And let's face it, it may be hard as nails, may be the choice of 'proper' computer users the world over, but it's hardly 'intuitive', is it? I have little time nor inclination to learn the ins and outs of Unix, nor to sit and fiddle with the configurations of a box until it works. I get my Mac, I plug it in, and it works. When it starts working, I can work. And because it's a Mac, I can get on with working without having the OS interrupt me every 2 minutes. Simple.
Do some people think that using an OS without a GUI is a manly thing to do? Is it the equivalent of weight-lifting in the computer world? Whats wrong with having a nice looking GUI? as long as it really works, theres nothing to complain about. Come back with some reasons for not liking its functionality and we might have something to discuss.
Ten years of experience.

Did cribs and playpens come equipped with SGI boxes ten years ago?

At least, I hope anyone older than 13 or so isn't using numbers in place of letters, typing the names of operating systems in all capital letters, regardless of whether they are supposed to be or not, and spelling a significant portion of the words in his rather inane posts wrong... not to mention wasting his time flaming a group of people who couldn't possibly care any less.
die all you mac girlie-men.

i did find that line particularly funny though... imagine it said by bob & rob or whoever that was from snl (or wherever that was) and it's probably quite accurate.:D
If he is such a skilled UNIX hack, then why didn't his feeble mind just buy OS X, and write some applescript to bring up the Terminal Window at startup? Plus you can go back and forth between the BSD shell and the Aqua GUI that way.
or he/she could have loged in as >console

or installed windowmaker and xfeee or...

should i go on, let me say this: i can have everything you have, but you can't have everything i have.

that should clear it up for people who don't get why we buy mac and os x's