Quick Time/media Player


I want to change the standard setting on Mac 10.4 for playing videos online from Quick Time to Media Player. How can I do that?
And:Can I simply uninstall Qucik Time, and how?
Look at RCDefaultApp (it's a preference-pane released by rubicode).

Specifically the MIME Types tab.

Don't uninstall QuickTime, it's integrated into the OS and is utilised by numerous applications.

What do you have against it anyway?
You can change these settings in your browser preferences.
Windows Media Player isn't half as versatile or effective as QuickTime, though (I use both, but WMP only for playing its own files), and I'd leave QT for playing .mov files, at least. Don't remove it, as it does many things at a system level.
Quicktime uses a quite a few of the graphical images on the Mac, such as desktop and viewing images.

Yes tell us why WMP?