Quick Time


Frequently, I will have the Quick Time "Q" appear in what seems to be a streaming (or video) advertisement. The "Q" disappears and a black screen appears with white letters and symbols scrolling through it. Other videos are working fine. I have spent hours trying to get this annoyance resolved. I hope someone can help. I have an iMac running with OS X 10.3.9. Quick Time 7.0

I am what I'd guess, to be an intermediate computer geek. I have lots to learn, but know more than my peers~
Thanks for any help...
Are we talking inline ads on the web? Or what kind of format are the videos? If on a webpage, you might be able to look at the source code and see the file's extension. If QT can't play it, you might be able to install another web-plugin that shows the videos.
Thanks, fryke, for your response.Yes, they are inline ads on the web. How would I find the source code for the file's extension?
You'll need to know web page code or at least have a rough idea what you're looking for.

Choose View Source from the View menu (if you're using Safari) and do a search for <embed src=" to see where the movie file will be.

Or alternatively, put the link here and I'll check for you.