Quickcam in classic


Does anyone know if the Logitech Quickcam USB works in classic? I dont need to use the apps they provide with it just need to use the cam with a different app. My MacOSX install is on a drive with OS 8.6 so I cant test my cam in classic.

Outside of that, does anyone know if any USB camera manufacturers are going to be writing drivers for OSX? I plan to get a firewire DV cam before January but I would like to use a cheap USB cam before then.
My Quickcam doesn't seem to like Classic. When the extensions are loading at "startup," the QC is x-ed out. QuickMovie, QuickPict and CU-SeeMe also don't work.

Looks like we're going to have to keep dual-booting for a while, considering Logitech's less than stellar support of Mac software over the years.
With companies that are not very "in touch" with the Mac market, it may help a lot if you poke them a little with your elbow and whisper in their ears : "My God ! Have you noticed the incredible number of Mac users who bought the beta version of OS X ??? Who would have thought that ! (Cough) I don't know what you think, but it sure gives me a hint !" ;)