Quickcam VC _ OS 10.1


I have a quickcam vc for my mac, and im wondering if there is any software taht i can run it with in os x. Like anything ported or made that will allow me to video conference with windows users, or even take snap shots or make videos of what i have?

i'm wondering the same thing - has anyone gotten any video conferencing software to work? ispq? any non-firewire cameras to work?
I don't think any of them work yet. I tried to get the Web Cam GO Plus and PC 300 Cam (New One) to work with the USB Camera utility. No go. They are supposed to be doing an OS X driver for the cameras as we speak, but it has been delayed. So don't be upset if it diesn't work yet. Also, some of the older cameras may not be supported - so don't be too upset if you have to go back to classic.