Quicksilver G4 with D-Link wifi adapter problem


Hi, I am using a G4 Quicksilver with built-in ethernet port. In oder to hook this G4 to my Wifi network, I have bought a D-Link DWL-G810 WLAN adapter, that picks up the Wifi signal and passes it on to the G4 using ether net.

The G4 says it is connected to the ethernet.

The Wifi network connection to the D-link is set up as it should be (MAC addresses etc) and I have triple checked this.

Stil I do not get the G4 to connect through the D-Link to the internet, it just does not see it.

What is the problem here?

Thanks a bundle! Gerben.
OK, so the Mac reckons that that the inbuilt ethernet port is OK... The adapter is powered... Assuming that the ethernet light on the adapter is lit and stable, that would imply that the adpater recognises that there is a cable between it and the Mac - good.
This adapter has a browser based management, can you get at this from the G4 in question? If you can, you can skip the next bit in blue:
you must therefore check:
The IP/subnet range that the adapter uses and note this. Does the adapter use DHCP?
Check also how the adapter is allowing connections, ie what version of WiFI, use of a key/password? Also, whether the adapter has an ACL - Access Control List, if it does, then ensure that the MAC address of the Mac is entered correctly.
Change your mac to be within the same range (System Preferences>network) and save changes. (Remember that the router address on the Mac is now the IP of the adapter)

You should then be able to ping the IP of the adapter (Utilities>Network Utility).
Assuming success, then the Mac is getting as far as the adapter. If it still continues to fail, then look beyond this connection and onto how the adapter connects to the rest of the network... please detail how this is setup, there are many ways... but in short, the IP range must be consistant throughout- having (say) 2 DHCP servers on the network is guaranteed to confuse a computer when routing (unless specifically arranged).
How much did you pay for the wifi adapter? You can get a Buffalo WLI2-PCI-G54 for between $29.99 and $39.99 and it is recognized as a native Apple Airport Extreme card (802.11g). If you paid around this much, take it back and order the Buffalo card. It has no hassles. I have one in my Blue and White G3.