Quicksilver has Build 4R14


I just noticed this, and found it odd. This is the new 733mhz G4 that Apple released just a few weeks ago.

Ships with OS X preinstalled (no developer tools) but boots up with OS 9.2 by default.
That is not what is odd about this...

The build that I have installed on my G4 400 is 10.0.4 4Q12. This is the latest version that you can download from the Apple website.

This is 10.0.4 4R14. NEWER than what is available for public download.
iDVD and the Superdrive need newer drivers, thus this build is somewhat unique to the Quicksilver till 10.1 ships.,..nothing really special
I'm guessing because of the variation in the dual processor motherboard (and possibly to accomodate the dual nVidia card), the dual800 G4's are shipping with OS X Build 4S10...

Counting the days until 10.1....