quicktime 5 for OS X


Ok, so there's no fullscreen mode for QT for OS X and it's extremely choppy even when playing small MPEG files. Although i like the fact that you can see it playing in the dock

just wondering if anyone agrees that performance should be addressed first?
also, is it possible to transfer files via crossover cable between OS X and 9.1? i've got two computers and no way to share files, and i don't want to install os X on my main computer.
I want the fullscreen back.

It isn't choppy on my computer even playing a high-quality mpg zoomed to fullscreen. I think it will improve as OS X improves. There will probably be an update to it when the official update to X is released.
g3 users typically report choppiness while g4 users do not.

BTW I don't think there is any hardware interpolation acceleration so that may explain why g3s are so slow.

Also no GPUs as yet create QuickTime CG surfaces.
to get fullscreenmode you need QT Pro 4/5 Key not 3.0 Key

Full Screenmode is part of Pro feature in 5.0

I guess I need to upgrade again. I got a free upgrade to pro with Mac OS 8 or 8.6 when QT 3 first came out.

Oh well, its been a few years so what the hey,
I like QT5 but unfortunatelly it does not do m2v files (AKA MPEG2). I have several of these kinds of vids...any idea if they are going to be supported any time soon ?

--> G3 user, no choppiness <--
That might be implemented when they release the DVD player since DVDs are encoded in mpeg2. This is assuming that the DVD player uses QT.