QuickTime 7.0.2


Check Software Update-- new QuickTime version out that has "major bug fixes" and addresses compatibility issues.
I forgot I didn't want to do that...

Don't make the same mistake as me if you're holding onto an old version simply to avoid having to pay again.
The double-Help menu is not a QuickTime bug, it is a DivX codec bug. This bug is fixed in the new DivX Fusion codec which is currently in beta. It is available for download and works well.
I've done a quick search of apple site and didn't find the 'DivX Fusion codec' beta. Any chance of a URL please?
That's the link for 5.2.1 The Divx 6 beta is available at http://labs.divx.com. Divx 5 is not compatible with QuickTime 7.0.2, and the Divx 6 beta is significantly slower (which is to be expected from a beta). So you might want to stick with 7.0.1 for now. Just so you know.
Using DivX 5.2.1 does not make your Mac go up in smoke. It displays double Help menus. Some find it annoying, but I don't mind. With the DivX Fusion codec, the double Help menus are gone.
parb.johal@ante said:
still getting the 'help help' menus...
Does this mean you can still use Divx 5 with QuickTime 7.0.2? It doesn't work for me at all; it's as if it's not even installed.

I never got the double-help glitch myself. Or the Classic glitch. Dunno why.