Quicktime Audio


I have a Power Mac G5 and run OSX Tiger. My computer is less than two years old and has had no prior problems.

I was playing an .avi file in QuickTime when the fans of my computer started to make a great deal of noise. I shut down all my applications, but the fans did not stop. The Activity Monitor showed that the CPU activity was minimal. The air-conditioning in the house was running, so it was not hot inside. The computer sits in a well-ventilated, open area. I could not figure out what was causing the fans to run, so I simply restarted the computer.

Everything seemed to be normal after the restart with one exception: certain movie files no longer play correctly in Quicktime. The files will open and the video plays, but the audio does not. If I try to stop the movie, I get the spinning color wheel, and the program will no longer respond. I have to force quit.

Not all movie files are affected. I believe that the only affected files are those that use a Fraunhofer MP3 audio track. Files with other types of audio tracks play without difficulty.

I thought that the error might be due to a corrupted audio codec. I deleted all the codecs from the /system/library/quicktime/ directory and reinstalled Quicktime so as to get new copies of these files. I also deleted and reinstalled the DivX codec, which is the only codec I had downloaded from a source other than Apple. This did not fix my problem.

I am at a loss of what else to try, so any assistance would be appreciated. I am no guru, but I am quite competent and should be able to follow simple instructions without problem. I can and often do work in Terminal if that will make things easier. Many thanks.