Quicktime can blow me


How in the heck can I play AVI's? Quicktime sure doesn't understand them? Anyone know either when Windows Media Player is coming out for OS X or how in the world I can play an AVI with quicktime? I downloaded some Divosx tool but dont really know how to use it.
check versiontracker for divx plugins for quicktime ... they work mostly (if not always...) :)
by the way, winblows media player won't play .avis for me at all ... :(
On OSX use as you mentioned Dixv vor X (divx.jamby.net). The last Version has an installer. start it and you should be able to see DivX movies. If not, read the readme and put the files in the right place by yourself.
If the sound is chopy, convert to qt with the avi2mov tool (also in the divX for X package)

hope this help.