QuickTime movie weirdness


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I've uploaded a few QuickTime movies I made in Final Cut Pro 4.5 HD to my web server. When I open the pages that contain them or link directly to them, the QuickTime logo remains until they're completely loaded. Only then will they appear and begin to play.

What have I done wrong? Why don't they load like other QuickTime movies by showing you?

I uploaded another random movie I found on the Internet and that works fine. So what's wrong with mine?!?!
'I've uploaded a few QuickTime movies ... what's wrong with mine?!?!'

454 characters, 84 words, 10 lines, 11 sentences, 5 paragraphs ... but, not one QT movie URL.
I've had other people try it to, it doesn't work until its fully loaded. A link isn't necessary. Anyone got any clues?
Veljo, providing a link to the offending movie would make it easier for those trying to help you figure out the issue. That way they can get in there and have a look at the properties of the movie file, hopefully finding why it's not working.

Check your settings on the Quicktime movie and make sure you have the Internet Streaming properties setup properly. I'm not sure about those settings in FC, but if you have a copy of QT Pro you can try exporting the file with it setup there.

Based on what you've said, that's the best I can do. There's just too many unknowns to know for sure. What format is the movie, compressor used, settings used, hoe you have it linked (embeded, etc.), etc., etc..
Just for reference if anyone has a similar problem they can check here.

I'd of course already had my movies compressed (exported to a QuickTime movie) but they wouldn't show up on a page until they were 100% loaded. Turned out I had to open my already made movies and choose Export to Hinted Movie — this fixed it perfectly.