Quicktime plugin to play .avi files


When I try to open a .avi file with Quicktime 7, it says I need a plugin and takes me to a generic web page with several plugins. How am I supposed to know which one is needed? It doesn't even tell me which one I need to get?

Also, I suspect this is a generic redirect to this page. The beginning of the .avi says DIVX on it in the corner, and the web page I'm being redirected to doesn't even have a DIVX codec. Where can I go to get a DIVX Quicktime 7 codec and is there a way to find out exactly what codec is needed when one is redirected to this generic website? That would at least tell me what codec I really need.
This question has been answered on this forum too many times to count. Go to the DivX beta site and download the latest DivX Fusion codec. You may also download the DivX 5.2.1 codec if you don't mind the double Help menu bug.
As per DIVX.com - DIVX v. 6 is available. As per the DIVX for Mac web page - only DIVX v. 5 is available; and, DIVX v. 5 does not currently support MacOS X 10.4.x, nor 'QuickTime' v. 7.x.

An alternative:
As a result of installing 'Roxio Toast Titantium' v. 7.x (which includes DIVX v. 6), QuickTime (including v. 7.0.2) can play many '.avi' file formats.
Divx 5 works fine with Tiger and QT7 in most cases. I've never had problems. There are supposedly some issues if you use Classic, though.

The Divx 6 beta is available at http://labs.divx.com. The version there is newer than what comes with Toast (I think). I recommend Divx 5 over 6, though. It's faster and more reliable. You should only use 6 if you can't get 5 to work properly.

I think the QT will tell you what codec you need if it recognizes the type. Otherwise it'll just throw you to the generic web site, which is almost sure NOT to have what you need (if it did, QT would know about it beforehand!). Apple really needs to streamline this.