QuickTime Pro Questions


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I'm gonna be doing some video stuff soon that I'd like to post on my website. I'm gonna use iMovie to do the editing and stuff, but I think I'm gonna need QuickTime Pro to do the compressing and out-putting or whatever it's called. Basically, I need someone to sell QT Pro to me.

Does quicktime pro work natively in OSX? (I don't have 9 installed)

Will QT Pro convert iMovies so they'll be able to stream from from site for others?

Thanks for any info guys :)


I am not sure about the streaming but why not buy QT pro from Apple.
I t does work in X all you do is enter the registration # they give you when you buy Pro into the preferences of QT and you have Pro

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QuickTime can convert the DV format that iMovie uses into other things. Since I've never had a need for it, I haven't tried it to see if it works, but it does appear to allow you to save it in streamable formats for different download rates. Strangely, I could not find a page on Apple web site that details what Pro can do.


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On it's own, iMovie can export "web ready" .mov files. IMO, the .mov format is not as good compression wise as the MPG format.

I have been using Astarte M.Pack to compres DV files into MPG. I do not know if there is a Carbon version of this program out yet. I really need to find good MPG encoding software for X.

QTPro is a must have if you are doing video editing. It can do handy things like, export or import image sequences. You can also do quick crops with it which can be easier than messing with FCP.

For 30 bucks, you can't beat it.