QuickTime Pro Registration Key... How do I get it back?


Long ago I received the free QT Pro registration key with Mac OS 8.5. I have since lost it, and was wondering if there was anyway to recover it from Apple's site. Thanks.
You can check your account on Apple store web site, and the items you purchase for download. In your case it may not be on their.
Did you guys even check the date on the original post? I just wanted to revive a long-dead thread, I didn't think you guys would actually try to help someone who hasn't posted in 3 years.

What were the other types, in case I missed them? (Not to use them, just to know what they are)
I just wanted to revive a long-dead thread,
I don't look at the date/time it was posted because I search for new threads since my last visit, and also because I wouldn't presume somebody is going to revive dead threads for a cheap laugh.
Hey, it was 3:30 in the morning (which, as I am writing this, will be in another 40 minutes). When it gets late, my mind goes in weird directions... and I take it out on you, Randman, by messing up your new threads. Geez, throw an emoticon in there.

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