Quicktime Problem


I'm running a G5 dual processor with system 10.3.9 installed. I am working on a movie project for which I am sharing a bunch of quicktime and final cut files with other people. Everything seemed to be working fine until we began moving around a bunch of files (all .MOVs) that were converted to 9x16 anamorphic. These will not play on my computer. Sometimes I can get the sound to play, but the screen is blank (white).
The files in my Quicktime Library folder seem to be the same as those of the other people who can play these files, so I gather it is something in my preferences folder. But I sure can't figure out what it is.
I have tried reinstalling quicktime, but that did no good. If anyone here can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it. I have considered upgrading to 10.4 as a way of resolving this problem. But noone else with whom I am sharing files is running 10.4, so that shouldn't be the problem. And I don't want to start having new problems at this stage in the game.
Thank you for your help.

My best guess is that the different systems are using different versions of QuickTime. I know that some codecs (notably Divx 5) have recently been broken with the release of QuickTime 7.0.2 (at least for some people).

Could you tell us what versions of QT are installed on the systems that work and the systems that don't? And also, what codecs and programs did you use to encode the movies?

If you are using Divx, and the problem is with QT 7.0.2 like I mentioned, then you can download a beta version of Divx 6 at http://labs.divx.com/.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the help, but that doesn't seem to be it. everyone else is running 7.0.2 also. In fact, some of the Quicktime files with which I am having trouble will open okay on my laptop but not on my G5.