Quicktime Problems


Video and audio will stop after about 4 seconds of playback.
I can advance the 'button' deeper into the piece and it will still play 4 seconds and stop. But this is peculiar, choosing large screen on the Apple trailers, the video will play and the audio won't. I'm having the same trouble on audio only files. I have repaired permissions and emptied cookies. Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you

I'm on: Quicktime 7.0.1.....OSX 10.3.9.....G-4/Quicksilver
You give only limited information. It sounds like you have this trouble while playing streaming media. You may be having network problems. It must be remembered that QT 7 is a MacOS X 10.4 technology that has been back ported to 10.3. You may also have limited RAM and hard drive space. QT 7 is more computationally intensive than QT 6. Couple this with your older hardware, older OS, possibly limited RAM and HD space, and your problems are to be expected.
I did this and it indeed helped as QT will now run, flawlessly.
But QT audio defaults to the internal speaker and won't launch the audio core driver. When I manually choose the externals, it mutes the internal but I still get not audio. iTunes works fine with the external output.
I repaired permissions and restarted....no change....no audio on external speakers in QT. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.