Quicktime says I'm not connected


... and the eMac finds a technicality...

Everything works well with my connection except Quicktime.

When I try to connect to a live stream or watch an online movie, it
tells me I don't seem to have an internet connection. This has
happened since switching to ADSL and it was working on the Dial-up
connection beforehand. I have changed the connection speed in the preferences and this has made no difference. Any other suggestions would be appreciated?

Maybe I need to open a port? And how do I do this if so?


Mac OSX 10.4.1

Quicktime 7.1

NetComm PLUS 4 Ethernet (connected) Modem Router

My ISP suggested opening the firewall just to test it, but no result there either.

Thank You
Consider trying the following:

Either launch 'QuickTime Player' and select the 'QuickTime Player, QuickTime Preferences...' menu item; or, select 'Apple, System Preferences...' - then select the 'QuickTime' icon.

Once te QuickTime panel appears - click on the 'Advanced' tab.
If the 'Transport Setup:' popup menu is set to 'Automatic', select 'Customize'.
When the drop down sheet appears - if not already set, select the 'Transport Protocol:' popup menu to 'HTTP'. Also, if not already set, select the 'Port ID:'s '80' radio button.
Now click the 'OK' button.

Click on the 'Streaming' tab.
Select any of the 'DSL/Cable' menu items from the 'Streaming Speed' popup menu.
'768 Kbps DSL/Cable' (or even '1 Mbps Cable') should be fine.
Close the 'System Preferences' window, and attempt to view live streams (such as 'YourMacLife' tonight) and / or online movies.

[The above procedure is based on using MacOS X 10.4.0 'Tiger'.]