QuickTime Streaming Server ?


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Would I be correct in thinking I could purchase an OrangeLink FireWire Web Cam and install QTSS and stream a quicktime stream via the web for just the cost of the camera?

Anyone messed with that stuff and have tips or thoughts?

I've never messed with web cams, and have absolutly no idea on where to start, other than getting the web cam. I think I would want to use QTSS because I need a live video stream via the browser and I'm not sure software packaged with such cameras do this or do this very well?

Thanks for any input!
I was looking at the QTSS at apple.com, it seems it's for OSX Server only?
is there not a version for plain o`l OS X?
QTSS runs fine on plain 'ol OS X-- at least it does on the two OS X systems I've installed it on.

Read the enclosed documentation carefully-- it can be a bit of a struggle if you're not familiar with Web stuff and broadcast protocols.
Hang on a minute before you go out and buy the camera. To broadcast a live stream you need more than just a camera and QTSS. This setup will be fine for pre-recorded video, however.

To 'cast a live stream you also need something to encode and send the live video to the QTSS in realtime. As of yet I have not come across and OSX native live broadcasting software. The only mac compatable solution I have seen is Sorenson broadcaster which only works with OS9 and earlier quicktime 4 and earlier. This also means you require another machine to broadcast the live stream to QTSS. Have a look in the Admin guide for OSX server to see some of the diagrams which explain how to set up QTSS streaming or alternatively and the quicktime website.

If you just wish to set up a live webcam under OSX I recommend nuspectra sitecam www.nuspectra.com . Which works under OSX and if you use firewire for you input video it should work a treat.

Hope this is a help
I Sent an e-mail to support@sorenson.com asking about "VCast" which is listed under products but has no way to buy it in ther e-store nor list how to get it very well... I received a reply from someone that said they wanted to give me a call, so I have a feeling there going to ask if I'm willing to beta test or something because if they (Of which I asked in my e-mail) did not have VCast for OS X i'm sure the person would have simply replied to my e-mail stating "No support for OS X as yet" but they want to "Call Me?"...

Don't know but I'm wondering now ;)

Thanks for the link tsmith, that's all I need, a camera and a way to see what the camera sees from a remote computer ;)