Quicktime Unable to Receive any Streaming Video


My quicktime will not play any streaming quicktime video whether it be on a website like CNN, or even in the included TV Links that come with Quicktime. I have been completely unable to play any streaming quicktime media. It simply says Negotiating.....and then it says something like request sent while the area goes around in a circle.

I have not changed quicktime at all. This is the Quicktime that comes with OS X 10.1, and I have been completely unable to get it to work.

Note: This is only with streaming media. I have been able to play videos stored on my hard drive without any problems....just no streams.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to fix this, or if you have been having any similar problems.

This is really frustrating.

I just tried, and wasn't getting passed the "requested data" part either. Out of curiosity, checked my firewall logs and was seeing quite a few blocked incoming packets. So if you're behind a firewall, or just curious, go into Quicktime's System Preferences, and click "Transport Setup" under the Connection tab, and try the HTTP transport protocol.
I'm behind the linksys cable/dsl router. Quicktime plays streaming media for me. mostly though the best thing is to be in the DMZ and that should help. cus on mac os 9 on a laptop, it wouldn't stream media unless i was DMZ. but in mac os 10.1 it works on my G4 tower for some reason. all i did was set up the mac as on a lan. and it uses the linksys info.