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I have a question
Is quicktime so slow under Mac os X 10.1 in your computers?
Please post comments about quicktime.
yeah it sucks under os 10.1......i think it is because it is not using the graphics card to render the video (that is why it can play in the dock when minimized) hopefully they will fix this in 10.1.1 :)
RoadRunner is high speed Cable modem access...

I have no problem with Quicktime under OS X 10.1 on everything from a G4/400 to a dual 800. Quicktime player launches after about 4 bounces on a G4/500 TiBook to about 2 on a dual800. Playback is smooth on all.
road runner has nothing to do with speed of playback in quicktime, unless your watching a streaming video, which i don't think he was talking about.

on my titanium g4 500mhz it launches in 3 bounces at first and 2 bounces after that, and playback speed is excellent, even when it's on fullscreen
Quicktime is ok @ normal but scaling sucks for me or handling large files. (like 800MB and no it's not downloaded VCD's or DVD's it's keynotes).

Beige G3 266 MT Rage II+ 2MB

When I add a Radeon VE (Dual Monitor support) it should improve dramaticly.