Quicktunes not Launching at Startup


I use quicktunes as a "remote" control for itunes,
it's an awesome applications, but the problem is that it doesn't always launch when i startup, what i mean to say is that it's sporadic.

I've added it to startup items, and removed it from startup items only to add it again, but still it doesn't work.

Not a biggie, but it really bothers me, please help.


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Do you have the version of it that is older than the version of Mac OS X that you are running?


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Hello Springtime,

If this issue doesn't resolve itself after you have exhausted all avenues, like reverting to an earlier version which I *think* Giaguara is heading towards, then I suggest you road test "Sizzlingkeys". It's pretty much the same as Quicktunes in what it does but you don't need to add it as a Startup Item. In my case, I just need hold down the Control + Spacebar while I'm doing anything at all on my iMac, like replying to this thread, and iTunes will launch and play the current track ... without bringing iTunes to the front so it doesn't interfere with whatever you are doing. BTW, "SizzlingKeys" requires you first download/install "Application Enhancer".

FWIW, SizzlingKeys is the main reason I no longer use the 3rd party utility software program; Quicksilver ....

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