quitest external hard drive?


the 40gb on my mini mac isnt realy enough, so im going to pick up a 160gb external drive. I love how quite the mini so somthing quite would be good. Would it be best to pick up e.g. a LaCie or should i buy a case and a samsung spinpoint?


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The 160GB Lacie D2 isn't necessarily quiet when mounted and powered on...it's a good drive though. It's about the same loudness as a Dell or Compaq PC when on. Very noticeable when the only other device on is my iBook, but not as much so when it's connected to a G4 tower or such.

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yeah i got a lacie porsche 80gb. not noticed that it's especially quiet, but it's no hydro-electric generator room either. just a hard drive really. the one inside my g5 is really bloody loud crunching away all day. considering the rest of it is so quiet....

edit: about the minimate - didn't realise it wasn't out here yet... tis neat though :p


have no idea at all if this will prove useful to you, since a) i don't actually own one (_yet_), i'm just going by a review, and b) i'm in the states, and don't know whether you can get these in the UK, but this review (http://www.123macmini.com/accessories/reviews/104.html) of an external hard drive enclosure says "We're happy to report the M9-DX doesn't make a lot of noise while running. The sound level is totally acceptable and there's little to no drive vibration."

newertech sells the enclosure with a hard drive already installed in it (http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Newer Technology/FWU2MS/), but again, i don't know whether it's available on your side of the pond. good luck.