R laptop screens tile-able?


Hi... Trying to get back to speed on lots of info -- I have a ibook g4 running 10.4.2 and a old Ti 667 MHz g4 running 10.3.8 (it was one of the 2nd editions, so pretty unstable, sometimes) I used to have an external monitor that I would tile screens with the Ti. Now I have the two laptops for a little while... Can laptop screens be tiled... I'd guessed, if one was booted up as a target disk on the other? Is that an outlandish question? Maybe I'm just dreaming... please let me know!
Getting a laptop to work as an external monitor is not an easy task: there are scores of sites on the Internet devoted to getting the display in laptop computers to function as an ordinary monitor. All of these sites assume that the laptop itself is dead or of little use otherwise (not true of the Ti, its still a beautiful and very useful Mac with quite a high resale value). They also assume you can handle electronic engineering, too.

Instead, I'd simply run the Ti and keep them networked together for convenience. Or, if you'd really prefer an external display, sell the Ti and buy one.