When I try to launch Radio365 the application starts to load, but then fails. No Crash Log is generated. I have tried the usual stuff removing Preference files and any other files installed by the app.
Still no luck.
I have had this problem under Mac OS X Panther and now also Tiger 10.4.1.
I have really looked into this problem and it appears to be an issue with my network and Internet access settings. As I am using Airport to access my network and from there the Ethernet to the Internet. For some reason allowing the Airport base sstation to act as the DHCP server using the 10.1.?.? network addressing system seems to prevent radio 365 from accessing the Internet. Everything else works fine. However if I switch to a different network Numbering system such as 192.168.?.? then I either cannot access my LAN from the Airport enable Power Book, or I cannot access the Internet or WAN.
Even disabling all the Firewalls, both Hardware and the software one in OSX makes no difference.
So what happens basically is that the Internet response from the Radio 365 is not allowed to go from the Internet (Outside service) into my LAN (Internal network) I need to be able to get the Radio 365 responses into my LAN using UDP and for some reason no matter what I do I cannot set this process up.
For Radio 365 to work you have to have a 2 way internet connection which I do, but for some reason when using the Airport I cannot get 365 to launch becase the application is not receiving the responses from the Live365 servers.

Any ideas any one.

Stuart ::ha::
HIO Pepto, first of all go to Radio 365 and make sure that the player is set to I tunes.
That is about all the help you will get from Radio 365.

What I have found with my system is the problem is something related to the External Firewall I use but I can't find what it is. They communicate on Port 80 (WWW) and that is cleared for both directions, so I am stilol stuck on this one. I ma one of the Techs on this site and even at that no one has come up with an answer.
Let me knnow if you have any joy and I will do the same