RAm and Macos X final version


Quick question: I have a pbg3 400mhz Firewire with 192 mb ram. If I want to use macos x later (the final version), would it make any difference in speed if I upgraded one slot to 256 for a total of 384mb. I know that using classic takes a lot but what about just for osx? When does ram stop adding speed?

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Under OS X the more ram you have the faster your system will run.
Yes, but PD asks with how much ram the system won\'t go faster anymore.

I think 192 is a lot of RAM, enough for doing the normal things.
Going to 384 MB RAM (a very big upgrade) only makes sense when you do extreme things like very heavy games, heave development work or big graphics programs.

You must think about how much you decide to add: 128 MB or 256 MB.. 256 MB is a very big upgrade, but on the other hand you have more then enough RAM for the near furture.
I noticed a substantial speed increase going from 192mb to 320mb on my G4. Then again, I do a lot in Classic, which can drive substantial memory usage.

At the current prices, buy as much as you can afford and you won\'t regret it!

They have a G4 500 mp over here at my college and they upgraded it to 1.5 GB of ram because it is used for video editing. They are also experimenting w/ OS X PBand I can tell you now that it is much MUCH faster than it was w/ the 512 MB that they had before so just get however much you want (I personally would not goo to the extreme of 1.5 GB but 320 sounds like a good amount).

Thought this might be interesting,
Thanks everybody. I think I'll go with a new 256 module, sell my old 64mb on ebay and hope for increased speed when OSX comes out. I'm pretty happy with the beta now but it feels a little sluggish. Let's hope x is announced tomorrow!!!!