RAM - CL2 or CL3?


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Is there a way to tell whether you have CL2 or CL3 ram? Are most 256mb DIMMs gonna be CL2? I just ordered 2x256mb and the website did not mention which it was?

If you got the stuff from a decent company it will most likely be CL2, you can check you get it by running the Apple System Profiler (in your Applications > Utilities) and it will most likely tell you.
im looking to upgrade my dual 533's ram, max upgrade hopefully. can anyone suggest some companies selling quality 'hi-po' (oops, car term.. :D ) ram?? what I would like *ideally* is 3 512 CL2 dimms. but have only seen CL3. does no one make a 512 CL2 dimm??? :confused:
Nope, no one currently produces CL3 DIMMS at 133mhz. I used to know why but I forgot .. it has something to do with the manufacturing (obviously).

The best place I can recommend to you, to get ram is www.crucial.com . That's where I've gotten my ram. They've got quality stuff, reasonable prices and free shipping.

(No I don't get any kick-backs :D )
thanks macko,
funny thing just after i posted this my buddy recommended crucial as well. so i took a trip over there and decided the quantity was a little more important then the quality. bought 3 dimms, 2 day fedex shipping for free as well, sweet.

thanks again.