RAM in OSX, and what to do with older RAM


Hello all,

I ordered 512 MB Ram Stick from ClubMac.com for only 85 dollars plus shipping (arrives tuesday)
My PowerBook (500 mhz G3, firewire model) will now will have 630 MB ram instead of 256 MB. I will run the 9.2.1 and someday X.1 OS (once I finally find the elusive X.1 updater)

So what do you think I should do with the extra 128 meg stick? I mean its not worth much so does anyone have any worthwhile ideas? Also, do you think I could put the new stick on the top, or must I go for the bottom slot. (thats under the processor)

Can anyone vouch that 630 MB will be better then 256, considering I do 3d work now for classes and love to do other creative design programms. I would think Photoshop will enjoy my upgrade! OSX handles memory dynamically so the extra 512 should help out.

bye thanks
OS X will love the additional RAM! It loads everything including the kitchen sink into RAM if it can, so the more you have, the faster your system will operate.
I've got a gig of ram in my B&W G3 ... I've also got a great little app called Memory Monitor that sits in the dock and gives a nice little visual representation of your ram usage. I also religously use the top command in terminal, and keep it running hidden so i can check up whenever i want. Here's what I've noticed:

even with a gig of ram, my computer is leaving more than HALF of the ram completely unused, another chunk used but not full of anything, and it is STILL doing pageins and pageouts to VM.

If I have over 512MB of physical ram UNUSED i should see ABSOLUTELY NO DISK THRASHING GOING ON. Yet what I see is disk thrashing going on while my memory sits there unused.

If I have more than 5 or 6 apps open, window resizing slows to a crawl. Under 9.x, I could have countless scads of apps open with no speed hit. this is not the way i'd have expected X to run. Any thoughts?
How do I do this in X? I know it'd have to be some unix-y thing, I'm just not sure what that unix-y thing is.