Ram Modules can be mixed?


Ok, I searched on this, and could not find a definite answer. I have a powerbook g4 aluminum 15 inch (low res version). I purchased it with 1gb ram (2*512). If I purchased a 1gb module, is it possible to replace one of the 512 modules with the 1gb? Then have a total combined ram of 1gb+512? Thanks!


I guess so...
My iMac came with a module of 256, I added one of 512 and it worked.
So now I have 768 MB of RAM.
But I don't know if Powerbooks are any different.


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Just make sure that it's not cheapy RAM, as OS X is picky about RAM and cheapy RAM tends to have poor timing. I would get something from Kingston, Crucial, OCZ, GeIL, or some other well-known quality RAM manufacturers.


I have a G3 Pismo Powerbook, with an 128 meg, 100 MHz memory module, to which I added a 256 meg, 133 MHz module of another brand, and, to my atonishment, everything has been working flawlessly for 6 months now.

So, I suppose that your 512 Mb + 1 Gb won't give you any problem, that is IF your G4 can handle that much Ram.