random small os x gripe



check out this Tech Info Library article. Of course, if you use the keyboard at all with your OS of choice, you have probably noticed this small but annoying change between OS 9- and OS X. The Shift key now behaves a bit differently. Instead of selecting individual items, it now selects the two items clicked and everything in between. Ala Windows. To select individual items you have to use the CMD(apple)-key. Erg. Why did Apple choose to use the Windows modifier key paradigm? In the hope that Windows users that migrate to OS X will be a little more comfortable?

so yeah. that is my little gripe. don't get me wrong - besides that, and a few small other things. I love Mac OS X. especially since i would like to consider myself an aspiring terminal jockey.
That's the way that shift and command have worked in almost all other mac apps. Now the finder works that way too. I think that it's an improvement.
What are you guys talking about? The shift key behaves the same way it always did. Select icon in top-right of window, hold down shift, select icon in bottom left of window .. you only have 2 icons selected, at least, as far as I can tell.

Perhaps you are talking about the list & column views (in which case I agree with the last post - the finder should have done that anyway).

It's hard to gripe anyway - the Mac OS is far far easier to navigate via keyboard than any other one out there (BeOS is a close second).