Random Temporary Freezing


I've got a strange problem going on with my PowerMac G5. Ever since I've upgraded to Tiger, I've had problems with the system where applications will temporarily freeze up, and I can't do anything in them for a few seconds. During this time I'll get the spinning beachball, but after it's over everything will be fine.

This never happened with 10.3.X. Right before I upgraded to Tiger I installed a "Western Digital Raptor 74GB 10,000 RPM Serial ATA150 Hard Drive" into my G5, and am using the original hard drive as a backup.

My specs are: Dual Processor 1.8Ghz PowerMac G5, 2GB, 10.4.2, etc.

Anyone have any clues? I'm starting to think it's either a) the hard drive is going bad already (I used to be able to hear it pretty loud, but now I can't anymore - maybe I'm just used to it), or b) there's something screwy with Tiger. I also thought at one point it was just certain programs, but it happens in many programs.

Anyone have any ideas (besides reinstalling the OS, and reformatting the drive)?
Hmm I think that's a completely different problem... plus mine's a DP, theirs is a SP. Thanks though.
I've noticed the same situations on mine Mac Mini. With Tiger it happens frequently that mine systems hangs (spinning wheel).

It practical never did this with Panther.
I get the same problem on my PowerMac G5 Dual 2.0 GHz with ATI Radeon 9800XT and 1.5 GB system RAM. I have Tiger at 10.4.2 currently also. Don't know why this happens, but it is annoying.
I have the same problem with my Mac Mini. I have the high-end machine, with the RAM maxxed out at 1GB. Ever since I upgraded to Tiger, I get the spinning beachball, most prominently in Safari. Safari also freezes for extended periods of time, or permanently, making it unusuable. Other apps, like Preview and Windows Media Player, crash on opening files. I've optimized my system with Onyx, but nothing helps.

And, finally, Dashboard is cute, but has anyone else noticed how much RAM each app can suck up? I'd like to have the option of turning Dashboard off, but I'll have to settle for turning off all apps.

Very annoying, all around. And I'm a former Windows user -- I thought I was getting rid of (or reducing) crashes, memory problems and latency issues!
I'm having a similar problem with my Blue&White G3 running 10.4. I just installed it and saw this happen starting within a few days. My cursor moves and that's the only thing. Everything else including the clock freezes, and I don't get a beach ball. I wait one to two minutes, and it comes back.

Using 'top', I figured out that the kernel task was using all the CPU for the time it was frozen. That's all the progress I've made. Rebooting without the network connected doesn't help. So, I think it's not network related.