rc62pc on Airport?


Has anyone run into this....

I added an airport card to my ibook recently, and when I brought it into my office, even though we don't have a wireless network, it was showing that I had internet access via a network called rc62pc. I figured it might be either our air-LAN (connecting our building to the operations center across the street) or possibly one of the neighboring buildings.

It's not the Air-LAN because that showed up later under another name, with a very spotty connection and a password I don't have.

rc62pc had no password set for internet access.

Last night, though, I went to a restaraunt at least 40 miles away from the office, and was doing some work on the laptop and noticed I had a signal again... it wasn't as strong, but it was the same thing, rc62pc.

Does anyone know what this is? Is there some big wireless rc62pc antenna no one has mentioned, or is that just a default name for the airport base or another wireless network access point?

It's not my PCS phone, the bandwidth is much too high, I was downloading at 40 or 50 K per second from the office. (I didn't test download at the restaraunt, just used it as an opportunity to check my email)

At any rate, it's definitely a clear indicator of why setting a password for your wireless is a good thing.
Sounds like a lucky find to me. Wish I could go everywhere in town and still be able to get on the internet from my powerbook.