RDC for mac


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I downloaded Remote Desktop for Mac in order to connect to my Dell laptop via my mac. I put in the IP address of my laptop since it is on the same network and click connect. It then brings me to a logon to windows screen where I have to enter a username and password. I am the admin for both my mac and pc, so how can I find out what my username and password are. As far as I know I don't have one.


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If you are admin on your windows box and haven't given yourself a password, your security is at the highest risk! Go to the Control Panel, there to users and then set up a pw... Your username and pw should then be clear...


Remote Desktop Connection for Mac from Microsoft is Free. It enables a macintosh to remotely control a PC running XP Pro ( Not Home! ) and W2k pro or connect to a terminal session on a terminal server.

Do not confuse it with Apple's Remote Desktop application, which will allow you to remotely manage ( Upload files and packages, install packages, remote observe and control, chat and more ) from one Mac to others on the network or internet with appropriate ports open. Apple's Remote Desktop will also allow you to control PC's with VNC running on them. This application however is not free. Currently a 10 user license runs about $299 and unlimited client runs $499


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i love ms's rdc. it has been so usefull for me. i wish apple would do the same, only the other way, contol the mac from win xp.
but with a little vnc fun, check out what i did. desktoploop.JPG