Re: Question - Roxio Popcorn And Sticky Capitals!


Hey There,
I have the same problem as richard, which is that Roxio Popcorn 'unexpectedly quits' each time I drag/select a TS_VIDEO. However the advice to 'repair permissions' didn't work for me. It's the first time that I've used the combo since I loaded Tiger onto my computer. Could it be a security thing, that they can detect you're ripping disks?

My second question pertains to capitalising letters. Everytime I hold down the shift key to capitalise letters, it keeps capitalising letters, sometimes for whole sentences even when I don't have my finger on the shift key. Can this be corrected? It's really irritating!

Thanks for your help.
1. What is your Popcorn version? You should have the 1.0.3

2. Sounds like your shift key is linked to the caps-locks key
just above it. Check for cookie crumbs.
Thankyou Albloom for the support about Popcorn, I didn't realise there was an upgrade available. It's back to its old self again! Yay!

With regards to the sticky capitals though, no there's nothing in between the keys, I have a skin on my keyboard so that doesn't happen. It's been sticky since I bought my mac. It's my only real complaint with my otherwise beautiful machine.
Your _first_ stop should always be the software maker's website. Often, there's either an update available (as in your case) - or at least the problem's a known one which has either a solution, a workaround or you'll find a message that the problem is known and a fix is in the making.

About the sticky shift key: Could it be that this has to do with the accessibility sysprefs?
Do you mean the Keyboard/Mouse preferences? (Sorry I'm not down with the lingo) I tried adjusting them, and it had no effect.

On another unrelated note, just noticed you're from Winterthur, I was an exchange student in Solothurn for a year, and spent a week at the Kantonsschule Winterthur. Nice place!