re: teething troubles


I got a G$ 400..I got mac OSX, my isdn don't work and I can't dial out as the isdn s/w interferes with my internal modem..otehr than that I am loving OSX, and I just boot to OS 9.1 for leisure time :)

I own an SGI Indigo and work on SGI unix boxes at work (I write software) and I have to say that OSX is the only thing I have found better than IRIX - a command line for when it is needed/useful and a clear easy GUI..lovely.
(SGI = Silicon Graphics Inc and GUI - Graphical User Interface..hey, there may be a few people here who don't know this

Anyway, otehr than wanting to slap the guys at hermstedt about a bit (how long have they known about OSX???) I am more than happy with what is effectively the forst working release of a whole new OS...well done Mr Jobs et al